Pinker’s Vox interview (12.II.2018)

The case for optimism: The world is better than ever before. And Harvard’s Steven Pinker can prove it. By Sean Illing, Feb 12, 2018   My remarks: 1. (i) The dynamics of our historical progress are still a puzzle. We had practically enlightenment thinkers in antiquity. That led to *nothing* like what we’ve experienced in... Continue Reading →


“learning styles”

Donald Clark, 1 Feb 2018.: OK speaker says 'learning styles' don't exist - asks question of audience about how people learning and some answer 'learning styles' So why is this concept so difficult to shift? ( I’m not any kind of education specialist. To answer your question, this is just what I might suggest I.... Continue Reading →

“Intellectual Dark Web”

Eric R. Weinstein, 12. Jan : Just making up an initial private list for myself as to who my "Intellectual Dark Web" would be. If you have a top 10 list you don't mind sharing, I'd be super curious to know who y'all are listening to outside of institutional/corporate news, media and analysis. After a... Continue Reading →

Re: ‘individualism vs. collectivism’

I was provoked by Semiogogue to write this: Any -ism is a poor way to express, and thus defend, the individual, even if the particular -ism chosen is individualism. If individualism is at the very core of the Western culture, Western culture should leave its individuals themselves from an early age. Thus it would get... Continue Reading →

Facing the current crisis: one way

The processes of environmental destruction and society’s self-destruction can't go on indefinitely. Many people, from the alt-Right, via Peter Thiel, to the genuine Left, point out that the current model of neoliberal globalisation is done. The tide, according to them, has turned. It can be replaced by tribal, primitive ethno-nationalism. But it is too much... Continue Reading →

A memorable life advice

By mathew laba, August 2015: "Here is some advice my father gave me when I was thirteen...we were on our way to my first day on the job: Keep your opinion to yourself...which includes your stupid sarcastic remarks. Never correct another person. Don't ask questions...but rather...learn to be an effective observer. My father was the... Continue Reading →

Time to retire the political spectrum

written by Hyrum Lewis The vast majority of people on both the Left and Right are patriotic and concerned about the disadvantaged. It clarifies nothing to say otherwise ..... Every proposed essence for right or left is easily falsified, leading to the conclusion that ideologies are evolving social constructs. .... Finally, and most tragically, the... Continue Reading →

Politics of food with Dominic Lamontagne

 Chef Dominic Lamontagne in a 2011 interview: Food liberation, food politics DL, 40th min: The way to make a farm work has been figured out in the fifties. The way has been lost in the sixties, seventies, eighties, nineties, it’s a crescendo of loss. The pigs, they’re being inseminated, people don’t know how ... 38:15:... Continue Reading →

Dmitry Hvorostovsky

Great Russian opera singer Hvorostovsky has passed away. On Twitter:   On YouTube: Dmitri Hvorostovsky in Memoriam (16.10.1962-22.11.2017) Ian Thomas, 14 hours ago: I’m just so sad…… and my wife is sobbing. It’s Saint Cecilia’s Day and we will celebrate his life and talent with our own ‘in memoriam’ programme this evening –... Continue Reading →

Yanis Varoufakis and Young Turks of all kinds I’d like to see a show featuring face-to-face conversations between Yanis Varoufakis and any of the following: Alexander Mercouris, Stefan Molyneaux*, Vox Day, Greg Hunter, Catherine Fitts, ... Jordan Peterson ...      The Yanis' anti-Putin vs. Mercouris' pro-Russia, Yanis' "open borders" versus "xenophobes," and the Left vs. Right polarisations are sending us into... Continue Reading →

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